South Side Indianapolis Apartment Complex Maintained Weekly

Project: Kelly Landscaping has been hired to provide weekly maintenance services to a local south side Indianapolis Apartment Complex. Services will include weekly mowing and landscaping maintenance.

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Start Date: May 2014

End Date: Ongoing

Local Eye Surgery Center gets new landscaping

Project: Local Eye Surgery Center has hired Kelly Landscaping to landscape their new property on Indianapolis’ NW side. There are about 60 procedures done a day at this eye surgery center and a lot of the patients that come into the office cannot see color. Once the procedure is complete these patients can see color! So, to be able to provide that instant of a difference is really pretty neat for us.

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Start Date: June 2014

End Date: June 2014

Current landscaping at local eye surgery center:

photo 4 photo 2 photo 1

Horse Farm in Anderson Hires Kelly Landcaping!

Project: A Horse Farm / Training Facility hired Kelly Landscaping to complete a full design and installation project in Anderson, IN.

Location: Anderson, IN

Start Date: May 2014

End Date: May 2014



photo 1 photo 5 photo 3 photo 2



photo 2 after photo 1 after photo 3 after